Makeup-less March

Let me preface this by saying I don’t have anything against makeup, in fact I honestly think makeup is really fun to apply and a great way to show creative expression. However, it seems like so often today girls feel like it’s a necessity to wear it in order to look their best. Let me tell you right now, you do not need makeup to look beautiful. You are beautiful as is. That’s the simple truth right there. (See even Ryan Gosling Agrees!)

Many girls fall into a habit of applying makeup so frequently that they begin to believe they look dull or plain without it. I started falling into that habit when I worked for a make-up company over winter break a few years back. I never understood why some girls felt the need to consistently wear make-up. Before working for this company I was a weekend make-up girl at best. I felt like my eyes “popped” enough without it and while my skin was not perfect by any means I wasn’t too worried about covering up the redness or break outs.

However, as part of the company’s uniform I was required to wear a full face of make-up. The more and more I wore makeup the more I felt like I had to wear it whether I was going to work or not. I started to feel like my face looked unattractive without it. Even when I went back to school I felt the constant need to apply makeup to look “normal”.

My skin started breaking out more which meant I needed to apply more. It was a never ending cycle. The same thing happened with mascara. The more I wore it the thinner my eyelashes got so the more I needed to apply.

It wasn’t until the spring that I made myself go a week without it to get myself back to the routine of only wearing it when I went out on weekends. It’s still sort of crazy though that something inside me tells me that if I want to look put together I have to wear make-up. Looking “dressed up” shouldn’t mean having to apply liner and lipstick. Looking “professional” for a job shouldn’t either.

So here is what I’m proposing.
Make-Up Less March.
One month. 

Can you go one whole month without an ounce of makeup? Remind yourself that contouring your face isn’t a necessity because society makes you feel incomplete without it. No makeup for class, no make-up on that night out. Just true beautiful you.

There’s no reason to give up makeup forever. If applying make-up is something you love and enjoy then you should do what makes you happy.

Still, why not take one month to remind yourself how beautiful you are inside and out and in support of your sisters that need to be reminded as well?

If nothing else it’ll give your face a chance to breathe for a month!


3 thoughts on “Makeup-less March

  1. ayietim1 says:

    I am a man. From my corner here, I love to see a woman without any makeup. It is when she is without it, that you see her true beauty. Where I come from, we have a saying that if you want to know the true beauty of a woman, then pay her an unannounced visit very early in the morning (as early as 6am) when she has not worn any makeup. Anyways, girls should wear a tolerable level of makeup when they are outdoors(my opinion).


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